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Episode 12 - Glyn Jones and Donald Cotton

It's been a whole year, everybody! Thanks for listening. For our final episode of 2013, we're going back to the William Hartnell era to take a look at two writers who gave us stories that are often considered, for lack of a better word, "bad." Whether or not they are, of course, is the question of importance for the ep. We've got Glyn Jones' sole writing contribution, "The Space Museum," hailed by some for its first episode and derided for the other three, and the two scripts from Donald Cotton, the beloved missing "The Myth Makers," and the scoffed-at "The Gunfighters." Are fan opinions wrong about these stories? Let us tell you what to think!

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Episode 11 - Terrance Dicks

This month, we take a look at one of the heaviest hitters in Doctor Who history, Terrance Dicks. While he didn't write all that much credited, he is responsible for a huge amount of what we know of as DW mythology now. So, we're only doing a smattering of his work: "Robot," "Horror of Fang Rock," "State of Decay," and "The Five Doctors." A Bag of Dicks, if you will.

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Episode 10 - "The War Games"

A little bit of a different thing this month, Erik and Kyle focus on one specific story, 1969's truly epic Troughton and black & white finale, "The War Games," written by Terrance Dicks and Malcolm Hulke. We only scratch the surface on this really phenomenal story, looking at the political and social implications of war, the accordian-nature of the storytelling, the quiter moments that show the implications of the events, and the Time Lords ex machina nature of the finale. Let us know what you think! Follow us on Twitter @DWTWR and email us at 

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Episode 9 - Mervyn Haisman & Henry Lincoln

This month, Erik and Kyle take a look at the ups and downs of the Troughton-Era writing duo of Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln, or "Norman Ashby" as they were once credit due to behind-the-scenes tumultuousness. The Great Intelligence and the Yeti make two Season Five appearances, "The Abominable Snowmen" and "The Web of Fear," one of which, according to the fellas, doesn't quite live up to the hype, and the Quarks make their (mercifully) sole appearance in "The Dominators." Is it as dumb and boring as most of fandom says? You'll have to listen to find out. But, yes it is.

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Episode 8 - Chris Boucher

The Tom Baker era's only three-and-out writer, this month we're taking a look at Chris Boucher, who wrote the memorable and enjoyable exercises in theme, "The Face of Evil," "The Robots of Death," and "Image of the Fendahl," all in 1977. Among the things discussed are abandoned plot threads, red herrings that aren't really very red, the power of the name, the attractiveness of guest cast, and why Leela is way more awesome than you might remember.

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Episode 7 - Kevin Clarke and Ben Aaronovitch

This month, Kyle and Erik take their first foray into the Sylvester McCoy era with two of the architects of the "Cartmel Masterplan," Ben Aaronovitch ("Remembrance of the Daleks" and "Battlefield") and Kevin Clarke ("Silver Nemesis"). Which of the stories makes the better 25th Anniversary story? We'll let you decide. But it's not "Silver Nemesis." Topics include heroism, myth, Nazis, alchemy, astronomy, Cybermen, Daleks, faffing about, and ridiculous guest stars. We're not social workers.

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Episode 6 - Robert Holmes Group A Part 2

Autons and Drashigs and Sontarans, oh my! The second group of three stories by the great Robert Holmes has three of the Third Doctor's very best stories, "Terror of the Autons," "Carnival of Monsters," and "The Time Warrior." What will Erik and Kyle talk about when everything is great? A surprising amount, actually. How well does Bob write companions when they aren't Liz or Sarah Jane? We'll see. 

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Episode 5 - Robert Holmes Group A, Part 1

Robert Holmes wrote so dang many stories during the Classic Series (18 to be precise!) that we're going to need to go about it in shifts. This episode and the next one will be focusing on Holmes' pre-Script Editor work. Unfortunatley, that means for this episode we have to talk about "The Krotons," "The Space Pirates," and (thankfully) "Spearhead From Space." Oh, thank the maker for "Spearhead." Topics include: the way the Doctor and companions are written, the sly infusion of comedy and social satire, and what to do when the characters you're writing are a bunch of stupids.

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Episode 4 - Dennis Spooner

It's historicals a-go-go as Erik and Kyle discuss one of the most influential writers of early Doctor Who, Dennis Spooner. He wrote three stories, "The Reign of Terror," "The Romans," and "The Time Meddler," all during William Hartnell's first two seasons, and was a script editor in season two. He might be one of the most important writers in the history of the show, and the fellas will tell you why.

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Episode 3 - Barry Letts & Robert Sloman

This month, Erik and Kyle leave the glitzy sheen of the 1980s for the CSO-saturated '70s for four stories by the writing team of producer Barry Letts and Robert Sloman. Sloman and Letts, or "Sletts" as you'll soon be calling them, penned "The Daemons," "The Time Monster," "The Green Death," and "Planet of the Spiders." Place your bets now as to which one the fellas like the best. It's a heap of mysticism, some creatures that don't make sense, and more half-researched literary allusions than you can shake a sonic screwdriver at. Time to play this month's game: How Useful is UNIT?

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Episode #2 - Christopher Bailey & Barbara Clegg

This month, Erik and Kyle, doing a near-complete 180 from the kind of writing done by '80s script editor Eric Saward, are discussing the work of Christopher Bailey ("Kinda" and "Snakedance") and Barbara Clegg ("Enlightenment"). Lots of philopsophy, myth, and Wikipedia Buddhism gets bandied about as the conversation proceeds. It's a pretty rich tapestry; a whole episode could be gleaned from "Kinda" alone. Plus, the first installment in what will probably be a recurring game gets played: Who's More Rapey? Also, despite Kyle's many incorrect mentions to the contrary, the next episode will be next MONTH, not next week.

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Episode 1 - Eric Saward

It's finally here! The first episode has landed and Kyle and Erik have chosen to spend it speaking about the controversial, divisive writer from the 1980s, Eric Saward, who wrote five stories: "The Visitation," "Earthshock," "Resurrection of the Daleks," "Attack of the Cybermen," and "Revelation of the Daleks." How well does he write bad guys? What's his fascination with mercenaries? Who's to blame for "Attack of the Cybermen?" All of this and more will be dissected. Enjoy!

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Doctor Who: The Writers' Room

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Episode 0 - Hello!

Ahoy and welcome! In this new monthly Doctor Who podcast, Erik and Kyle will be discussing the various writers that have shaped and molded the series over the years by focusing specifically on writing style, story structures, and overall impact. It'll be a lot of fun! New episodes will drop on the 15th of the month. Hope to see you there!

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