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This month, Kyle and Erik dive headlong into Doctor Who series two with a look at two episodes written by showrunners of other shows. "School Reunion" written by Toby Whithouse (Being Human) is a fan-favorite, giving the new series its first real taste of the classic with the return of Sarah Jane Smith. "Fear Her" written by Matthew Graham (Life on Mars) is the oft-derided also-ran of series two, which might well be better than its reputation.

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And so it begins! Erik and Kyle have wrapped up Series 1 of updated Doctor Who, and now they commence the saga of the Tenth Doctor. Where to start? Why with "The Christmas Invasion" and "New Earth," of course! But it's not all just fun and games. Already they can sense the darkness inherent to Doctor number 10...and Kyle's kind of not into it.

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Way too fast. We're already bidding a very fond farewell to the Christopher Eccleston year of Doctor Who by discussing his swansong, "Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways." It may be his last onscreen hurrah but it was only RTD's opening salvo. How'd he do for his first season as showrunner?

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It's the penultimate month in our look at Series 1 of rebooted Doctor Who, and we have two stories showrunner Russell T Davies wrote to fill time, but, one of them at least, has transcending its limitations to become something of a classic. And the other one is "The Long Game."

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Erik and Kyle dip our toes in the pool of Steven Moffat with his addition to Doctor Who series 1, "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances." You know, there's a lot to talk about in it. So, join us, won't you? Are you my mummy?

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This month, Erik and Kyle are discussing the series 1 episode "Father's Day," an emotional experience for both of them. But before that, the 2003 web-exclusive animated serial "Scream of the Shalka," which was to be Doctor Who. Until it wasn't. Two Paul Cornell stories? Why yes!

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This month, Erik and Kyle continue their jaunt into Series 1 of rebooted Doctor Who with the first two stories not written by showrunner Russell T Davies. Those of course are Mark Gatiss' ode to Victorian ghost stories, "The Unquiet Dead," and Robert Shearman's indelible reintroduction of a classic villain, "Dalek." But do they hold up the way our heroes remember? Hmmm.

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This month, Kyle and Erik revisit the "farting aliens" two-parter, "Aliens of London/World War III." While the humor doesn't age well, the fellas are surprised that the story is more interesting, the character drama much deeper, than memory said. And Mickey maybe isn't as big an idiot as we thought? WHAT?!

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Doctor Who: The Writers' Room is back, baby! After two years away from the TARDIS, Erik and Kyle have returned to tackle Doctor Who from 2005-2017. Much different than before, the fellas are going fairly chronological and what better place to start than showrunner Russell T Davies' first two episodes, "Rose" and "The End of the World?"

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We did it! Yes, another season of The Writers' Room comes to a close, and it's a good one. Sapphire & Steel's final story, "Assignment Six," gives us a lot to chew on, and some really fascinating implications.

We also talk about the show as a whole, and prepare you all for the return of Doctor Who: The Writers' Room!

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This penultimate episode of The Writers' Room's look at Sapphire & Steel is a bit different. Creator P.J. Hammond did not write Assignment 5, aka the one that's a murder mystery---and it shows. Instead, Kyle and Erik talk about what an S&S serial looks like interpreted through the pen of former Doctor Who scribes Don Houghton and Anthony Read. The answer: not as good.

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We're nearing the ending of the year and we're also starting down the road to the end of Sapphire & Steel. Assignment 4 affords Erik and Kyle opportunities to discuss poetry, spooky photography, the poetry of prose, and whether P.J. Hammond is a pessimist. Fun! 

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Erik and Kyle take on Assignment 3 of Sapphire & Steel, in which the elemental time menders contend with, not things from the past, but beings from the dystopian future. Is it as good as ghosty ancient things? Well, it does have the first appearance of Silver...and a creepy baby man monster things. Neat!

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This month, Erik and Kyle are going into an old dilapidated railway station full of war ghosts and stuff for Sapphire & Steel Assignment 2. We talk about the morality of fighting time ghosts, the sadness of war, and the pain of lost love. But, like, it's fun!

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It's a new month, but it's also a new season! A very short new season, but a new season just the same. Erik and Kyle are looking at time fissures, ghost houses, and ambulatory alien element metal things. It's Sapphire & Steel! P.J. Hammond's landmark in weird sci-fi. We begin, sensibly, with Assignment 1.

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Once again, Erik and Kyle have gotten to the end of a series! This month marks the final episode discussing The Outer Limits and they're thankfully ending with a bang. Story editor Seelag Lester is the subject, who wrote "Wolf 359," the amazing two-parter "The Inheritors" and the final episode ever, "The Probe."

Next month, a new show has been assigned...

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Once again, Erik and Kyle have gotten to the end of a series! This month marks the final episode discussing The Outer Limits and they're thankfully ending with a bang. Story editor Seelag Lester is the subject, who wrote "Wolf 359," the amazing two-parter "The Inheritors" and the final episode ever, "The Probe."

Next month, a new show has been assigned...

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It's our penultimate episode about The Outer Limits, so why not talk about a bunch of crap? It's another of our now-ubiquitous episodes about writers who wrote only one episode.

This time out it's "Cold Hands, Warm Heart," "Behold! Eck," "Expanding Human," and "The Premonition."

Also, we've got announcements about our next two shows we're going to cover...

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This month it's some episodes of The Outer Limits season 2. We cannot say fairer than that. It's a trio of stories more or less by two writers; Jerry Sohl adapted his own short story for "The Invisible Enemy," Milton Krims rewrote a Stephen Lord treatment into "Keeper of the Purple Twilight," and then Krims rewrote Sohl for "Counterweight." And that's not all the rewriting there was in these. Not by a longshot.

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Friends! Because we're all having a rough go of it socially distancing, we thought we'd give you a little extra treat. The commentary we normally do once a month for our Patreon patrons is free for all to hear!

And it's a good one. We talked about the Doctor Who episode "Oxygen" for our Who for Schools raffle winner, and for the commentary, Erik and Kyle are joined by podcast superstars Joy Piedmont and Shannon Dohar! Enjoy their commentary and some general Who chatter afterward.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

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This month, Kyle and Erik are back talking about The Outer Limits season two, and with it...a writer! It's Robert C. Dennis, a very prolific TV writer who here is adapting three short stories and re-writing another writer's story for a fourth. They are "Cry of Silence," "I, Robot" (no, not that one), "The Duplicate Man," and "The Brain of Colonel Barham". Some of these are good and some of them super aren't!

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What's this now?! Why yes! Erik and Kyle have given The Outer Limits a break for a month in order to talk about Doctor Who again! As part of the Who For Schools initiative, a lucky raffle winner got to decide what New Who episode we discussed. The winner has chosen "Oxygen" by Jamie Mathieson. We're talking Capaldi, Nardole, Bill, and dystopian capitalism. Yay!

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Happy New Year! And what could be happier than covering one of sci-fi's most famous writers? That's right, for episode one of our look at The Outer Limits season 2, we're talking about the great Harlan Ellison and his two scripts, "Soldier" and the immortal "Demon with a Glass Hand."

Next month, it's more Doctor Who...for a bit.

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Can you believe it's been a year already? Kyle and Erik finish up their 12 months of discussing the first season of The Outer Limits with a countdown of their top 10 and bottom 5 episodes! Next year we begin season 2, with the two episodes written by the great Harlan Ellison!

If you have a suggestion for a classic genre show to discuss after The Outer Limits, email us at!

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This month, Erik and Kyle only have two episodes left in season one of The Outer Limits. Fittingly, they're both would-be spin-offs from each of the show's two driving creative forces. First up is "Controlled Experiment," a comedy take on sci-fi from series creator Leslie Stevens. Second is the bat-poop crazy "The Forms of Things Unknown" from head writer Joseph Stefano.

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In this month's penultimate look at the first season of The Outer Limits, Kyle and Erik discuss four stories by four different writers, to varying degrees of interest. Those episodes are:

"Specimen: Unknown"
"The Guests"
"Fun and Games"
"The Special One"

Two of them are really quite good!

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This month, as we head to the end of The Outer Limits season one, we have a quartet of very odd stories, all featuring input from story editor and Joseph Stefano's right-hand man, Lou Morheim. These include "The Mice," "Second Chance," "Moonstone," and "The Chameleon." Robert Towne wrote that last one.

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This month, Erik and Kyle keep digging deeper into the troubled psyche of The Outer Limits season 1's showrunner, Joseph Stefano. These three episodes--"The Invisibles," "The Bellero Shield," and "A Feasibility Study"--each represent the writer's best (and most upsetting) traits.

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This month, Erik and Kyle are joined by writer, podcast, smart person extraordinaire, Paul Cornell to discuss the Outer Limits episode "Nightmare."

"Nightmare" is a very somber episode about humans facing interrogation from a superior alien aggressor. Can their fragile Earth psyches take it?! This discussion goes deep on rules of engagement, interior storytelling, Southern Gothic Sci-fi, and writer Joseph Stefano's id and ego.

Find Paul on Twitter, and check out his podcast, Hammer House of Podcast.

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This month we begin our look at The Outer Limits' most important writer, producer, and story-shaper, Joseph Stefano. We go in-depth on "It Crawled Out of the Woodwork," "The Zanti Misfits," and "Don't Open Till Doomsday," and figure out what Gothic Sci-Fi really means.

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This month, your faithful hosts have three stories from three different writers of The Outer Limits. First up is "The Human Factor" by David Duncan, an episode that seems like The Thing but is more like Face/Off. Next is "Corpus Earthling," a creepy little story about alien rocks by Orin Borsten. And finally, "Tourist Attraction" by Dean Riesner, a former child actor who went on to work with Clint Eastwood. Fun!

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This month, Kyle and Erik look at two more writers of The Outer Limits. It's Jerome Ross, who wrote "The Man with the Power," and Anthony Lawrence, who wrote "The Man Who Was Never Born" and "The Children of Spider County." Enjoy!

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An early contender for MVP writer of The Outer Limits season one, veteran TV writer Meyer Dolinsky wrote three fascinating and troubling episodes, two considered legitimate classics.

First is "The Architects of Fear" which inspired Alan Moore's Watchmen; the paranoid Cold War thriller "O.B.I.T."; and a legitimately weird one, "ZZZZZ" about a super attractive bee woman.

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This month, Erik and Kyle delve further into The Outer Limits by talking about two episodes written by the writing team of Allan Balter and Robert Mintz ("The Hundred Days of the Dragon," "The Mutant"), and the one episode written by Ellis St. Joseph ("The Sixth Finger").

They get well into themes of bettering humanity, evolution, mutation, giant brains, giant eyeballs, goopy faces, and telepathy. And, you know, other things too.

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Here we go! A new year and a new season. Erik and Kyle are embarking on their journey into the 1960s sci-fi anthology series The Outer Limits, which ran for 49 episodes on ABC TV in the United States and has since been reappraised time and again. We know a thing or two about series that began in 1963 that have gone on to longevity.

To begin, we look no further than the series' creator, Leslie Stevens, who wrote and directed four episodes during the first season. We're only talking about three of them in this episode, and they are "The Galaxy Being," "The Borderland," and "Production and Decay of Strange Particles."

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Hello everyone! Happy New Year! First and foremost, welcome to 2019 and The Writers Room's new direction. It's still Erik and Kyle discussing old TV sci-fi, but for the next year or so, we'll be talking about the original 1963-1965 series The Outer Limits.

To start with, we're doing a bit of a primer about the series, how it came to be, who were the key creative types in charge of its 49 episodes, and what kinds of stories you can expect on the journey. First full episode about series creator Leslie Stevens will arrive January 15.

Sorry for the sound issues in this episode, it will not be indicative of the whole run, we assure you. We just didn't have time to re-record.

And finally, please consider supporting our new Patreon!

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It all comes down to this! Erik and Kyle finish up their six-year journey into the writers of classic Doctor Who with part two of their listener question answer thing.

Thank you to everyone for listening for this long (but very fun!) folly of ours. We'll continue to talk about Doctor Who going forward, but we're also jumping into new but similar shows, beginning with the original run of The Outer Limits!

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This month, friends, it's all over bar the shouting. Kyle and Erik tackle some of YOUR questions and discussion topics about their six year journey into the writers and writing of the classic series of Doctor Who. On order are things like which script editors were the best, what Doctor/companion teams were best served on screen, and what we'd recommend to new viewers.

As referenced in the episode, here's the blog of Erik's more specific recommendations for first-time classic whovians.

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66 episodes down covering individual writers of classic Doctor Who, and only one to go. Crazy. Erik and Kyle finish up their revisitation of Eric Saward, six years after the initial foray, by talking about his two Dalek stories--Resurrection of the Daleks and Revelation of the Daleks. One of them is good but not a Doctor Who story, the other definitely is a Doctor Who story but is terrible. What fun.

The fellas also tell you what's coming in the new year for this podcast feed and let you know there's still time to turn in your questions/discussion topics for the two-month podcast wrap-up! 

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The end is the beginning is the end! When we started our journey through the first 26 years of Doctor Who via the writers and the stories they wrote, we tried to start big, by tackling the stories written by '80s script editor Eric Saward, and in doing so, we bit off more than we could chew.

So, to wind down The Writers Room mark 1, we're going back and doing Saward in two goes rather than just one. This month, it's "The Visitation," "Earthshock," and "Attack of the Cybermen." Do we think the same things we thought back in 2013? How would we know?

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Whoa. We did it, everyone. With this month's episode, we conclude our quest to discuss the first 26 years of Doctor Who via the writers and the stories they wrote. We're finishing the initial run with a bang, by talking about David Whitaker's two Dalek stories--"The Power of the Daleks" and "The Evil of the Daleks." Both are hailed as lost classics, and for good reason. Erik and Kyle break down all things obedience and extermination.

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Whoa. We did it, everyone. With this month's episode, we conclude our quest to discuss the first 26 years of Doctor Who via the writers and the stories they wrote. We're finishing the initial run with a bang, by talking about David Whitaker's two Dalek stories--"The Power of the Daleks" and "The Evil of the Daleks." Both are hailed as lost classics, and for good reason. Erik and Kyle break down all things obedience and extermination.

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This month, Erik and Kyle continue their discussion of the Doctor Who writing of David Whittaker with a story that was almost totally missing up until five years ago, and now it's fully back and available to watch in all its glory, "The Enemy of the World," one of the most atypical stories of the entire 1960s, and certainly of the Second Doctor's era. Erik had never listened to or watched this story until now; was it worth the wait?

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It's nearly the end, but the moment has been prepared for. Except we're not talking about "Logopolis" in the least. It's our very final writer to cover from Doctor Who's classic series, David Whitaker, and incredibly important figure in the series' history and one that gave us many intriguing concepts.

In this first of three episodes, Kyle and Erik are talking about the three stories Whitaker wrote for the William Hartnell Doctor: "Edge of Destruction", "The Rescue", and "The Crusade." 

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Can it be?! Kyle and Erik are talking about episodes of Doctor Who from after 2005?! Yes indeed! For nearly 6 years, the fellas have talked about episodes of the 1963-1989 seasons, but this month is different. Anna Lynch, the raffle winner from the #WhoAgainstGuns initiative, has chosen three new/modern Who episodes: "Partners in Crime," "The Doctor's Wife," and "Listen" and K & E get into things like fan wank, nostalgia, and companion story arcs.

Next's the beginning of the end.

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Build high for happiness will prevail!

This month, the fellas close out the Seventh Doctor's era with three stories all about dystopian futures and seemingly nice but secretly upsetting societies. Sort of like Britain in the '80s, really.

We've got the two stories written by Stephen Wyatt ("Paradise Towers" and "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy") and the one story by Graeme Curry ("The Happiness Patrol"), all of which have a lot of ideas and themes and metaphors and allegories, but do they have stuff like plot and character and a story? We'll find out!

And next month...something very different.

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This month, 60 episodes in to their monthly journey into the writing and writers of Classic Doctor Who, Kyle and Erik are joined by and honest to good writer of Classic Doctor Who! Andrew Smith bravely sits with us to talk about his 1980 script, "Full Circle," the beginning of the E-Space trilogy and the story that introduced Adric. In addition, Andrew talks about how he was brought on board, and all the lovely Big Finish stories he's writing currently. (Dude writes a LOT.)

Also, Kyle, Erik, and Andrew have all been proud to take part in the #WhoAgainstGuns initiative which is raising money to help prevent gun violence. If you donate at least $10 before March 31, you'll get a truly fabulous 13-part, 40+ participant commentary to "The War Games." For information, click this link

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Hi friends!

Erik and Kyle are pleased to join other Doctor Who podcasts, writers, and artists in the #WhoAgainstGuns movement to spread the message of peace and the call for ending gun violence in the U.S. and the rest of the world. We're happy to lend our voices to a special team-up commentary on a fan-favorite classic Doctor Who story, which can only be heard by donating $10.

 More information can be found here!

How to take part

Here’s what you have to do: make a donation of $10 or more to:

These organizations are U.S.-Based and focused on changing American laws and policy. They welcome international donations; however, if you live outside of the U.S. and want to make an equivalent donation to an organization in your own country here are some suggestions. (You may have others):

Once you’ve made your donation, send a copy of your receipt to and you’ll get information on where to download your special commentary podcast later in March.

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This month, Kyle and Erik talk about the work of script editor Anthony Read, who wrote one story under the pseudonym David Agnew (that one being season 15's "The Invasion of Time") and one under his own name (that being season 17's "The Horns of Nimon"). We find the merits (or demerits) in both of these stories, and talk about mazes both TARDIS and mythical & Greek. 

Direct download: Episode_59_-_Anthony_Read.mp3
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This month, Erik and Kyle begin the final year of the podcast (as you know it) by closing out yet another Doctor's era, that being Sixth Doctor Colin Baker. Yes, after not talking about any of his stories since the very first one, we've wrapped him up in a little under a year, and we're ending with Philip Martin, who wrote "Vengeance on Varos" and "Mindwarp," (aka "The Trial of a Time Lord" parts 5-8). It's, uhh, it's pretty violent, we have to say.

Direct download: Episode_58_-_Philip_Martin.mp3
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We've reached the end of another calendar year, which means it's been 5 years of Doctor Who: The Writers' Room! Can you even believe it? In honor of this, we've decided to go slightly outside of our usual parameters of the first 26 years of Doctor Who...all the way to 1996. That's right, we're talking about the TV Movie, written by Matthew Jacobs. The special has a fascinating backstory, and we get in to that along with dissecting if it works, and for whom.

Direct download: Episode_57_-_TV_Movie.mp3
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Sorry for the delay this month, but we think you're in for a real treat (?) Erik, fresh off of becoming certified to teach English, and Kyle, fresh off of gallivanting and getting sick, discuss three poor old '80s stories that don't get much love. Is it because they're awful? We'll let you decide. But they talk about "The Twin Dilemma," "Timelash," and "Delta and the Bannermen." So there's that.

Direct download: Episode_56_-_80s_Crap.mp3
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This month, we have another pair of stories that fall into the "well, they don't really fit anywhere else" category, in this instance both being surreal and fantastical stories from the same period of time. '60s Weirdos, we're calling it, and we're talking about "The Celestial Toymaker" and "The Mind Robber." Why? Because we like you.

Also, this month marks Erik's last episode...recorded in the United States. He's moved to Prague and you can find out about his new adventure and help him keep podcasting by visiting his Patreon page (right here)!

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Break out the feather boas and start calling everything "Jimmy" because this month, Erik and Kyle are finishing their look at the Cybermen in Classic Doctor Who with the 1968 story, "The Invasion." But, oh no, they are not taking on this eight-episode epic alone; they've got the added brilliance of Verity! Podcast's own Deb Stanish to help break down all the ins and outs, from Tobias Vaughn's arrogance to Packer's frazzledness to Isobel's perceived flightiness. Oh, and Cybermen too.

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This month, it's the end of a couple of things: First, the final episode in our Ice Warriors two-parter, focusing on the stories "The Curse of Peladon" and "The Monster of Peladon." Second, it's the last episode in which we have Third Doctor stories to discuss, so Kyle is clearly more sad about it than Erik. Oh, and a third one -- it's the last time we'll let people tell us one of these stories is bad. Which one? Find out soon!

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Hello and good July to you, Whovian friends! This month, Erik and Kyle go Cyber-crazy. They start by talking about the Cybermen as portrayed in the recently concluded Series 10 (poor Bill) and then transition to this month's meat, the Cybermen's fourth appearance, "The Wheel in Space" from 1968 and their sixth appearance, "Revenge of the Cybermen" from 1974.

These stories raise a number of questions, like "How can beings with their emotions removed want revenge?," "Why are they allergic to gold?" and "Do the Cybermen do anything at all in 'Wheel in Space?'" These questions are important!

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It'sssssss June, friendsssssss, and that meanssssss Erik and Kyle are going to be talking about the firssssst two (of only four) ssssssstories having to do with the Iccccccccccce Warriorsssss.

I'm really tired of writing it like that, so I'm gonna stop. Anyway, we talk about "The Ice Warriors" and "The Seeds of Death." That's the end.

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Friends, it's Cyber-May! Or whatever. Anyway, it's our 50th episode, and for this one Erik and Kyle dive into talking about the Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis stories concerning those shiny shysters, the Cybermen. This time 'round, it's "The Moonbase" and "The Tomb of the Cybermen," because as the theme song to The Facts of Life told us, "you take the good, you take the bad..."

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Last month we looked at the two stories that began the 1980s, and this month we're looking at the two stories that began Season 4...but that also means they're the two stories that saw the end of the First Doctor, "The Smugglers" by Brian Hayles and "The Tenth Planet" by Kit Pedler (and Gerry Davis). These two stories couldn't be more different from each other, and it definitely doesn't feel like the same Doctor. But we also get the Cybermen, who--spoilers--we'll see a whole lot more of in the coming months on this podcast.

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As our podcast begins to wind down (still have like a year, people, calm down a bit), we're forced to look at things that don't really have much correlation other than placement. As such, Erik and Kyle are spending this month talking about the beginning of the JNT and Christopher H. Bidmead era with our good friend David Fisher's "The Leisure Hive," and one-timers Andrew McCullough and John Flanagan's "Meglos." Hooo boy, thems sure are stories that exist.

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Episode 47 - David Fisher (in the '70s)

Hello and happy February, friends and listening public! This month, Erik and Kyle are in the same room (that's how you know it's Gallifrey One time) to discuss the three stories written in the '70s by David Fisher, who joined in season 16. His two Key to Time stories--"The Stones of Blood" and "The Androids of Tara"--are pretty roundly beloved, but his season 17 story, "The Creature from the Pit," is derided almost categorically. Is this fair? Is he to blame or laud for these stories? We get down on it!

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Episode 46 - Terry Nation, No Daleks

We haven't talked about this writer in a while, but it's almost hard to talk about Doctor Who without him -- Terry Nation, the inventor and most prolific writer of the Daleks. We've done all of those, of course, but he also wrote two stories with no Daleks in them whatsoever: from season 1, "The Keys of Marinus," and from season 13, "The Android Invasion." Nation fell into certain traps and narrative tricks when he wrote Daleks; did the same happen without the trundling war machines? Kyle and Erik find out!

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Episode 45 - The Dalek Movies

Happy end of the year, friends! As we draw the putrid cesspool that was 2016 to a close, Erik and Kyle thought they'd give you a fun(?) treat by talking about the two Dalek movies made in the mid-60s by Amicus Productions and starring the incomparable Peter Cushing. Interesting it will be to see how the same stories from the TV show are changed/truncated for the purposes of being very swiftly made, less-than-90-minute family movies. Enjoy!

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Episode 44 - Bob Baker & Dave Martin Part 3

We did it! Even as the country from which we hail goes to hell in a handbasket, we've managed to watch the final stories written by the Bristol Boys, aka Bob Baker and Dave Martin. Those three are "Underworld," "The Armageddon Factor," and the Bob Baker solo effort, "Nightmare of Eden." These writers have been a baffler thus far; how will we rate these three stories?

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Episode 43 - The Bristol Boys part 2

Oh....good. Erik and Kyle are back for the second part of their look at the so-called Bristol Boys, Bob Baker & Dave Martin. This time out, without the deft script editing hand of Terrance Dicks, we're left with off-the-wall stories "The Sontaran Experiment," "The Hand of Fear," and "The Invisible Enemy." Oh... oh gosh.

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Episode 42 - Bob Baker & Dave Martin Pt 1

Another series of episodes all surrounding the same writers! We love those! This month begins Kyle and Erik's foray into the many scripts by Bob Baker and Dave Martin, affectionately referred to as "The Bristol Boys." This time it's the three they did during the Pertwee years -- "The Claws of Axos," "The Mutants," and "The Three Doctors." You won't believe which the fellas think is the best. Or maybe you will; you've probably been listening long enough to guess.

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Episode 41 - Pip & Jane Baker

In the annals of Doctor Who, few writers' names are met with as much derision as those of Pip & Jane Baker, the husband and wife writing team who gave us three full serials plus an episode as needed during seasons 22, 23, and 24. Are these stories bad because of the writing? Are these stories bad at all? It's something Kyle and Erik will discuss, because if there's one these those boys love, it's evaluating hated writers to see if it's fair. (spoiler answer: maybe!)

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Episode 40 - Troughton One-Offs

Hello, one and all! Kyle and Erik are back to discuss more and more Doctor Who!! This month, we're doing some bits and bobs from the Patrick Troughton years, focusing on three stories by three different writers who only wrote one story for the show. First up is Elwyn Jones (with Gerry Davis) who wrote "The Highlanders," the story that introduced Jamie McCrimmond. Next is everybody's favorite oddity, "The Underwater Menace" written by Geoffrey Orme. And finally, "Fury from the Deep" which said goodbye to Victoria Waterfield, written by Victor Pemberton. Enjoy!

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SPECIAL - Interview with Third Doctor comics writer Paul Cornell

Hello friends! We're a little late on the podcast front this month, so to tide you over, Kyle has interviewed friend of the show and writer extraordinaire Paul Cornell about his upcoming Third Doctor miniseries for Titan Comics. It's a great chat for anybody who loves the '70s Doctor Who era as much as Kyle does, but also should probably reevaluate some of the choices... because sexism. Enjoy! And we'll be back soon!

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Episode 39 - Christopher H. Bidmead

Happy May, everybody! Hope you're ready for block transfer computation and charged vacuum emboitments, because this month Erik and Kyle are going to be talking about the Doctor Who stories written by Christopher Hamilton Bidmead, a writer and script editor who ushered in a whole year of hard science mathematics (deserving a badge for excellence, maybe?), with his three stories "Logopolis," "Castrovalva," and "Frontios." How do they fare under the scrutiny of the DWTWR pair? WE'LL SEE!!

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Episode 38 - Robert Holmes Group C Part 2

Friends, we've returned! Thanks for sticking with us, and apologies in advance for the return trip being kind of a downer. Erik and Kyle discuss the last three stories written by Robert Holmes, all in the Colin Baker era, and none of them particularly...well, that would be telling. We've got "The Two Doctors" in season 22 and episodes 1-4 and 13 of "The Trial of a Time Lord" (but let's be honest, we call them "The Mysterious Planet" and "The Ultimate Foe" Part 1). There's also a nice discussion about his work as a whole, so don't get too upset.

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UPDATE: March 2016

Hi everybody! You've probably noticed we haven't had an episode in a bit. Sorry, but life catches up sometimes. But we will be back to finally put the capper on Robert Holmes very soon. Thanks for your support, we'll be back before you know it!

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Gallifrey One 2016 Robert Holmes Roundtable w/ Graeme Burk, Paul Cornell, and Steven Schapansky

From Gallifrey One, Kyle has a little chat about all things Robert Holmes with luminaries in the Doctor Who world, Graeme Burk, Paul Cornell, and Steven Schapansky. Full episode about Holmes' final three scripts in the next few days.

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Episode 37 - Robert Holmes Group C Part 1

Believe it or not, Kyle and Erik haven't talked about Robert Holmes since Gallifrey 2014! That's right, almost two years since we've even ventured down the path of Doctor Who's most prolific and celebrated script writer. Well, diving back in, the boys get to discuss "The Ribos Operation" and "The Power of Kroll" from the Key to Time season and "The Caves of Androzani" which served as Peter Davison's final story. Lots to talk about? Uhh, sure. Some more than others.

Next month, we'll be at Gallifrey One again! If you see us, come up and say hello!

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Episode 36 - Ian Briggs & Rona Munro

We've reached the end of another calendar year and that, apparently, means it's time to do more Seventh Doctor writers. This month, Erik and Kyle are talking about two writers who collectively wrote three stories all about the character of Ace. Ian Briggs introduced Ace in "Dragonfire" and then dealt with her mother issues in "The Curse of Fenric," and Rona Munro's sole contribution to the Doctor Who canon just happens to be the last story of the classic series, as well as one that deals with the idea of home and refusing violence. Good stuff this month, folks.

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Episode 35 - John Lucarotti This month, we talk about one of the most legendary writers in Doctor Who history, that being John Lucarotti. Why legendary? Well anyone who writes "The Aztecs" deserves that title, but lately a lot of people have been talking about his first story, "Marco Polo," with a lot of reverence. Is it worth that reverence? And finally, he wrote "The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve," which was then heavily rewritten. So, like, what's the deal with Johnny Lukes?
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Episode 34 - Johnny Byrne

Oh, hello, the 1980s. How are you this month? Erik and Kyle have remained in the decade of JNT and are looking at the three stories written by prolific TV writer Johnny Byrne, whose contributions to Doctor Who are "The Keeper of Traken," "Arc of Infinity," and "Warriors of the Deep." These three stories don't normally have the highest approval rating, but that's not specifically fair in some of the cases. Can Byrne's writing save stories with a polystyrene statue that can walk, a chicken monster with a ray gun, and a giant pantomime lizard? We'll find out today!

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Episode 33 - Peter Grimwade

We've finally made it through the lengthy (though highly enjoyable if you ask us) jaunt with Hulke and Nation and we're celebrating by heading with Doctor Who into the future! All the way to the 1980s, that is. This month, we're talking about the three stories written by Peter Grimwade, the production assitant turned director turned writer. While we certainly do talk about his stint directing stories, we obviously focus on his authorial work, which consists of "Time-Flight," "Mawdryn Undead," and "Planet of Fire," all of which during the Peter Davison years. Well, at least we START with "Time-Flight," but there's also much talk about timelines and overcrowded storylines and TARDISes used for everything under the sun. 

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Episode 32 - Destiny of the Dinosaurs (Hulke and Nation Finale)

After a whopping 8 months(!) of talking about the Doctor Who stories of Malcolm Hulke and the Dalek stories written by Terry Nation, Erik and Kyle are wrapping up both writers in one episode, talking about both of their final stories, and both of them seem to be good encapsulations of what their whole career on the show was like. For Hulke, we have "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" and for Nation we have "Destiny of the Daleks." Is it necessarily fair to pair these two stories up in one episode? NOPE! But we did it anyway.

Next month, we'll be back to business as usual with a writer who can be entirely covered in one episode.

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Episode 31 - Genesis of the Daleks

This month is another of our single-story episode, and while it's not as long as "The War Games" or "Dalek's Master Plan," it's definitely got some gravitas to it. This is, of course, Terry Nation's 1975 Doctor Who story, "Genesis of the Daleks," his final script for a number of years and Tom Baker's first fracas with the rolling tank things. However, as Erik and Kyle discover, it's not so much about the Daleks as it is about their creator, the insane and immeasurably fascinating Davros. This script is known for having some amazing dialogue scenes, but does the rest of the story hold up as well? 

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Episode 30 - Malcolm Hulke Part 3

After a pretty lackluster Terry Nation month, we return with a pretty impressive Malcolm Hulke month, discussing the "... in Space" Duology of Season 8's "Colony in Space" and Season 10's "Frontier in Space." One depicts the struggle of settlers against a mining corporation, the other depicts the Cold War between two great empires, and they both have the Master showing up a few episodes into it and proving what an opportunist he is. One of these stories ranks as one of Hulke's best; can you guess which?!

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Episode 29 - Terry Nation Part 3

This month, Erik and Kyle are still in the midst of their alternating looks at two of the most prolific and influential writers in all of Doctor Who - Malcolm Hulke and Terry Nation. For this episode, it's a discussion of Nation's two stories fom the Jon Pertwee era, "Planet of the Daleks" and "Death to the Daleks." The first is almost always cited as "Terry Nation's Greatest Hits," which the second is often said to be Nation doing something slightly (but not entirely) different. Do the fellas agree with this summation?

Next month: Malcolm Hulke's "Colony in Space" and "Frontier in Space."

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Episode 28 - Malcolm Hulke part 2

This month we return to looking at the work of Malcolm Hulke with his two Homo reptilia stories, "Doctor Who and the Silurians" from Season 7 and "The Sea Devils" from Season 9. Both involve a hyper-advanced reptile race that ruled the globe long before humanity, but as Kyle and Erik determine, were Hulke coming at the concept from completely different angles. They discuss military might, government bureaucracy, the Doctor's disdain for all authority even at the cost of hindering progress, and why neither Liz nor Jo had anything to do.

Thanks for listening to our Bracket Special at the beginning of the month. Winners announced herein. 

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The Doctor Who Spring Insanity Tournament of Episodes Bracket Podcast Mash-Up Special

Here it is, folks! For your listening pleasure, a special tournament special bracket special of special specialness in which Kyle and Erik of this here podcast (The Writers' Room, obvs) get together with Steven Schapansky of Radio Free Skaro and The Memory Cheats, Erika Ensign of Verity!, and Josh Zimon of The Memory Cheats and Mostly Harmless Cutaway to determine once and for all what the best Doctor Who episode/story of all time is.

Basing the discussion on the top 64 stories from the Doctor Who Magazine poll from June of 2014, the five panelists will vote based purely on personal preference in a seeded system that ranks the stories in quadrants. You'll get the idea once we get going.

Please enjoy, and let us know what you think! We'll resume regular episodes in a fortnight. 

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Episode 27 - The Daleks' Master Plan

Another look at a super long stoy, but this time, unlike "The War Games," it's one neither Kyle nor Erik had seen (heard) before. Yep, the gents are back in the realm of Terry Nation for part two of our look at the Dalek creator with the massive 13-episode run comprising "Mission to the Unknown" and all of "The Daleks' Master Plan," on which he split writing duties with Dennis Spooner. And you know what? It shows! Companions, both pseudo and regular, get talked about extensively, as does whether the Daleks work in the context of old timey space opera. Or, for that matter, in any context at all. There's not even any real indication they even had a master plan to begin with.

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Episode 26 - Malcolm Hulke Pt 1 w/ Paul Cornell

Recorded LIVE (and quietly) at the LAX Marriott following Gallifrey One 2015, Erik and Kyle are joined by writer, author, scholar, and Doctor Who expert to talk about the beginnings of Malcolm Hulke's time on the series, writing "The Faceless Ones" in 1967 with David Ellis, and ghost-rewriting David Whitaker's "The Ambassadors of Death" for Terrance Dicks. These be fun conversations, and we're pleased Paul was here to help.

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Episode 25 - Terry Nation Part 1

It's 2015 and Erik and Kyle have lost their minds. It was bound to happen some time, but they've decided to finally delve into the infamous Dalek-filled writings of Doctor Who's only writer ever to get filthy stinking rich from writing the show, Terry Nation. Because he wrote so much for the show, it's going to take us a while to get through it all, but we better start now. This month, we begin with his first three Dalek stories, "The Daleks," "The Dalek Invasion of Earth," and "The Chase." 

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Episode 24 - Ghost Light

This month, as a special Christmas present to everyone, or possibly as the coal in your stocking, Erik and Kyle are only talking about one story, and it's not even a very long one, but it IS a very complex one with lots of moving pieces and an interesting production history. It's "Ghost Light," the very final story ever filmed for Doctor Who, written by Marc Platt. Erik loves everything about it and thinks it's a misunderstood gem, while Kyle thinks it's overly complicated and underly produced. WHO IS CORRECT?!?

Thanks for listening for two whole years. We are incredibly grateful to all of you. Have a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!

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Episode 23 - Robert Banks Stewart

This month, Erik and Kyle talk about a writer who only wrote two stories but they're two of the most beloved among Doctor Who fans. That writer is Robert Banks Stewart who penned "Terror of the Zygons" and "The Seeds of Doom," both from Season 13. It can certainly be said that these stories are quite different from the Gothic Horror pastiches much of the Hinchcliffe era gave us, and actually delve into, in "Seeds"' case anyway, a James Bond-kind of story. Whether both of your intrepid hosts enjoy that kind of story is discussed quite a bit.


Next month, a very special holiday episode...

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Episode 22 - Ian Stuart Black

This month, Erik and Kyle talk about a write who penned three scripts during the Innes Lloyd/Gerry Davis era of Doctor Who, the end of Season 3 and in Season 4. He is Ian Stuart Black, the writer of "The Savages," "The War Machines," and "The Macra Terror." None of them are particularly highly regarded and some are downright troubling for a number of reasons.  The fellas delve into issues such as companion departures, misguided racial subtexts, humanity versus machinery, giant alien crab things, and the Highland Fling! 

Next month, it's Robert Banks Stewart.

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Episode 21 - Steve Gallagher

This month, it's into the void and to the center of the universe as Erik and Kyle discuss the two stories written by Steve Gallagher - "Warrior's Gate" and "Terminus." The later is usually written off as pantaloons, but the former is often hailed as some sort of existentialist masterpiece that never got its full due thanks to a crazed director. Do the boys think these notions hold true or are they bored out of their minds with both of them. We'll let the running time tell you the answer.

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Episode 20 - Douglas Adams

This month, oh boy people, it's time Erik and Kyle talk about the man, the myth, the legend that is Douglas Adams, he who wrote for Monty Python and would go on to great fame writing The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. For our purposes, of course, Adams wrote three stories for Doctor Who, only two of which were ever finished and aired: "The Pirate Planet" and "City of Death," as well as the half-completed "Shada" which has garnered a lot fo attention through the years because of Adams' involvement and because of its troubled history. There's much discussion here about whether his stuff is as good as a lot of people say it is. Which side are you on?

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Episode 19 - Don Houghton

This month, Kyle and Erik dive into the work of Don Houghton, who only wrote two stories for Doctor Who, but two that are among the best, and best-loved, stories in all of the Jon Pertwee era. Those, of course, are "Inferno" and "The Mind of Evil," one of which tops a lot of people's best stories list and one which has the Master in. After those Hartnell one-offs last month, the boys need to sink their teeth into something good, and there's plenty of it here. Listen to the podcast scream out its rage!

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Episode 18 - Hartnell One-Offs

Oh boy, this sure wasn't a good idea. This month, in an effort to deal with the issue of one-off writers, Erik and Kyle ventured into four regularly-derided stories from the Hartnell era: "The Sensorites" by Peter R. Newman, "The Web Planet" by Bill Strutton, "Galaxy 4" by William Emms, and "The Ark" by Paul Erickson (and Lesley Scott, although she did nothing). Umm, that happened. Are they as bad as people say? Not necessarily. 

But hey, next month it's Don Houghton so that's a step in the right direction, right?

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Episode 17 - An Unearthly Child

This month, Erik and Kyle head all the way back to the very beginning to talk about the very first story ever, "An Unearthly Child" credited to writer Anthony Coburn. Is the serial just a good first episode followed by three boring cavemen episodes, or is it all a lot more connected than popular fan belief suggests? They look at the original unaired "pilot" as well to contrast where the show might have gone had the Doctor remained as unfeeling as he was initially. Character relationships and quirks get discussed too. It's a pretty hefty episode for it only being about one four-parter.

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Episode 16 - Louis Marks

This month, Kyle and Erik talk about one of the go-to utility writers during the 1960s and '70s, Louis Marks, who has a very impressive career outside of Doctor Who and who wrote "Planet of Giants," "Day of the Daleks," "Planet of the Evil," and "The Masque of Mandragora" between 1964 and 1976. The fellas talk about the writer's uncanny ability to have a great first episode but an abysmal fourth one. Strange, strange, strange.


Also, please leave us a review on iTunes and you could win two signed by author Paul Cornell!

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Bonus Episode 2 - Paul Cornell Talks Writers

It's a special in-between-episodes bonus for you all to enjoy! We were immensely thrilled and honored to be joined by writer and Doctor Who aficionado Paul Cornell to discuss his favorite Classic Series writers and about the writing for the show in the '60s, '70s, and '80s. It's a lovely sixty minutes of conversation and if you listen to the end, you can find out how you could win two Paul Cornell-signed prizes. I know! This isn't even an April Fool's joke.

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Episode 15 - Terence Dudley and Eric Pringle

This month in the room (that isn't really a room), Erik and Kyle discuss the work of two writers, mostly to get it all over with. First up, the three stories by director-and-producer-turned-writer Terence Dudley who inflicted "Four to Doomsday," "Black Orchid," and "The King's Demons" upon us all. This is followed by a quick discussion of Eric Pringle's sole contribution to the series, the two-part "The Awakening." Lots of talk about villains, motives, beards, accents, Adric, Tegan, ambiguity, and dumb storytelling herein.

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Bonus Ep! Featuring Graeme Burk, Robert Smith?, and Sean Homrig

As a bit of a treat before our canonical episode next week, he's a discussion Erik had at Gallifrey One with his Doctor Who Book Club co-host Sean Homrig and authors of the book Who's 50, Graeme Burk and Robert Smith?. They talk about writing and writers. It's a good time.

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Episode 14 - Robert Holmes Group B Part 2

This month, the fellas are in the same room for once! It's Gallifrey One from Los Angeles and Erik and Kyle are in a hotel room to talk about the final three stories written by Robert Holmes during his spate as a script editor. Those are some of his most acclaimed outings, "The Deadly Assassin," "The Talons of Weng-Chiang," and "The Sun Makers." Are they in agreement regarding these big titles? Find out!

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