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Episode 18 - Hartnell One-Offs

Oh boy, this sure wasn't a good idea. This month, in an effort to deal with the issue of one-off writers, Erik and Kyle ventured into four regularly-derided stories from the Hartnell era: "The Sensorites" by Peter R. Newman, "The Web Planet" by Bill Strutton, "Galaxy 4" by William Emms, and "The Ark" by Paul Erickson (and Lesley Scott, although she did nothing). Umm, that happened. Are they as bad as people say? Not necessarily. 

But hey, next month it's Don Houghton so that's a step in the right direction, right?

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Episode 17 - An Unearthly Child

This month, Erik and Kyle head all the way back to the very beginning to talk about the very first story ever, "An Unearthly Child" credited to writer Anthony Coburn. Is the serial just a good first episode followed by three boring cavemen episodes, or is it all a lot more connected than popular fan belief suggests? They look at the original unaired "pilot" as well to contrast where the show might have gone had the Doctor remained as unfeeling as he was initially. Character relationships and quirks get discussed too. It's a pretty hefty episode for it only being about one four-parter.

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Episode 16 - Louis Marks

This month, Kyle and Erik talk about one of the go-to utility writers during the 1960s and '70s, Louis Marks, who has a very impressive career outside of Doctor Who and who wrote "Planet of Giants," "Day of the Daleks," "Planet of the Evil," and "The Masque of Mandragora" between 1964 and 1976. The fellas talk about the writer's uncanny ability to have a great first episode but an abysmal fourth one. Strange, strange, strange.


Also, please leave us a review on iTunes and you could win two signed by author Paul Cornell!

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Bonus Episode 2 - Paul Cornell Talks Writers

It's a special in-between-episodes bonus for you all to enjoy! We were immensely thrilled and honored to be joined by writer and Doctor Who aficionado Paul Cornell to discuss his favorite Classic Series writers and about the writing for the show in the '60s, '70s, and '80s. It's a lovely sixty minutes of conversation and if you listen to the end, you can find out how you could win two Paul Cornell-signed prizes. I know! This isn't even an April Fool's joke.

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Episode 15 - Terence Dudley and Eric Pringle

This month in the room (that isn't really a room), Erik and Kyle discuss the work of two writers, mostly to get it all over with. First up, the three stories by director-and-producer-turned-writer Terence Dudley who inflicted "Four to Doomsday," "Black Orchid," and "The King's Demons" upon us all. This is followed by a quick discussion of Eric Pringle's sole contribution to the series, the two-part "The Awakening." Lots of talk about villains, motives, beards, accents, Adric, Tegan, ambiguity, and dumb storytelling herein.

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Bonus Ep! Featuring Graeme Burk, Robert Smith?, and Sean Homrig

As a bit of a treat before our canonical episode next week, he's a discussion Erik had at Gallifrey One with his Doctor Who Book Club co-host Sean Homrig and authors of the book Who's 50, Graeme Burk and Robert Smith?. They talk about writing and writers. It's a good time.

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Episode 14 - Robert Holmes Group B Part 2

This month, the fellas are in the same room for once! It's Gallifrey One from Los Angeles and Erik and Kyle are in a hotel room to talk about the final three stories written by Robert Holmes during his spate as a script editor. Those are some of his most acclaimed outings, "The Deadly Assassin," "The Talons of Weng-Chiang," and "The Sun Makers." Are they in agreement regarding these big titles? Find out!

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Episode 13 - Robert Holmes Group B Part 1

Erik and Kyle begin the new year (Happy Anniversary!) with the third overall part in their examination of the work of Doctor Who's most prolific writer, Robert Holmes. Under the microscope for this episode are the first three stories he wrote after taking over the job of script editor, those being "The Ark in Space," "Pyramids of Mars," and "The Brain of Morbius." Each one was originally scripted by a different writer and Holmes was forced, for various reasons, to rewrite them, the latter two under pseudonyms. Do these stories work as well because of their hurried and tumultuous background? Are they worthy of the almost universal praise they seem to receive? 

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Episode 12 - Glyn Jones and Donald Cotton

It's been a whole year, everybody! Thanks for listening. For our final episode of 2013, we're going back to the William Hartnell era to take a look at two writers who gave us stories that are often considered, for lack of a better word, "bad." Whether or not they are, of course, is the question of importance for the ep. We've got Glyn Jones' sole writing contribution, "The Space Museum," hailed by some for its first episode and derided for the other three, and the two scripts from Donald Cotton, the beloved missing "The Myth Makers," and the scoffed-at "The Gunfighters." Are fan opinions wrong about these stories? Let us tell you what to think!

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Episode 11 - Terrance Dicks

This month, we take a look at one of the heaviest hitters in Doctor Who history, Terrance Dicks. While he didn't write all that much credited, he is responsible for a huge amount of what we know of as DW mythology now. So, we're only doing a smattering of his work: "Robot," "Horror of Fang Rock," "State of Decay," and "The Five Doctors." A Bag of Dicks, if you will.

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